Making sure your Christmas is pet-safe

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

The best things about Christmas are often decorating the house, eating good food and hosting loved ones. 

However, there are certain dangers to our pets that come with the festive period. Read on for tips for how to keep your pets safe this Christmas. 

Christmas decorations that could be harmful 

Christmas Trees

For cats especially, Christmas trees look like the perfect climbing frame but unfortunately they can be hazardous. Getting a real tree can make your home look and smell so festive, however the needles can get stuck in your pew paw’s and if swallowed, stuck in their throat. On the other hand, artificial trees can be just as dangerous with the plastic needles and small pieces that can break off. 

However, this isn’t a sign to not put up a Christmas tree this year, more of a warning to try to keep your pets away from the tree, or keep an eye on them when they do go near it. Try to place your tree out of reach from pets and regularly brush up around the tree to collect the bits that may have fallen off. 

Baubles, ornaments and lights 

Baubles and ornaments you hang on your tree or place around your house, could look like toys and a game to play for your pet. If your pet knocks these decorations off your tree or another surface and they break, the shards could get into their paws and cause injury, and if your pet ingests them they could choke, or worse. 

We suggest keeping hanging baubles on your tree out of reach and making sure they’re attached tightly to the branches. Ornaments on other surfaces could be ‘glued’ into place using blu tack or double sided tape. 

Lights around the house and the Christmas tree can be tempting to chew for your pet, loose wires could also look like something else to play with, which is definitely not safe. 

Try to switch lights off properly when not in use and keep out of reach where possible. 

Christmas food to keep away from your pets 

When handing round sweet treats such as mince pies and Quality Streets, or serving Christmas dinner to family and friends, you should keep in mind what may be poisonous or harmful to your pets:

  • Chocolate 
  • Puddings 
  • Mince pies 
  • Onions
  • Alcohol 
  • Nuts 
  • Bones from animal carasses 

We don’t want to make our pets ill, especially around Christmas, so remember to not leave food out within your pet’s reach. If you want to safely treat your pet around the holidays buy treats specifically for animals. 

If your pets are anxious around lots of people 

Some pets feel anxious around lots of people or people they’re not familiar with. We don’t want to stop you from inviting people into your home around the holidays, so there are few things you can do to make your pet feel more comfortable. 

  • Make sure they have a safe place they can go to away from your guests. Perhaps putting their bed and some blankets into a bedroom or a spare-room.
  • Let your pet come to you, don’t force your pet to meet new people, especially all at once. If they want to come and say ‘hello’ let them do this in their own time. 

Stick to your pet’s routine 

Although Christmas parties and Christmas Day are usually out of routine for us, it shouldn’t be for your pets, this can lead to stressing out your fur-babies. Try to feed them at the same time as usual and any outside time, including going for a walk, or toilet time is also kept the same. 

Christmas is a time for giving back, and we think the best way to do this with your pets is to ensure they’re safe and healthy. That’s why VetBox provides an affordable and trustworthy monthly subscription to keep your pets safe during Christmas and beyond. 

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