A road trip with your pet

Heading on a road trip with your pet can feel daunting. You want to ensure that your pet is comfortable and safe, whilst enjoying the journey. Here are our tips to prepare you for a stress-free trip.

The essentials

  • Plenty of water 
  • Food and extra treats 
  • A comfort item from home such as their bed or a blanket 
  • A collar with ID tags, your pet should also be chipped too. 
  • Their carrier or crate 
  • Animal first aid kit 

Dog essentials and tips


  • A harness that can be safely attached to a seatbelt 
  • Weather-appropriate clothing/accessories, e.g. a jacket for colder weather
  • Lots of poop bags 


  • Take plenty of breaks. This will allow your dog to use the toilet and stretch their legs.
  • Bring some chew treats or toys. Sitting for long periods of time can be challenging for active dogs, therefore providing them with some stimulants will keep them entertained.

Cat essentials and tips


  • Litterbox – this will reduce your stops 
  • Feline anxiety medication – just in case 


  • Pack litter and take minimal stops. Stopping a lot within a journey can cause more stress for your cat, so bring their litter tray for when they need the toilet and keep the pitstops to a limit.

Car tips and rules

  • Never leave your pet unattended in the car. This can lead to them panicking and if the outside temperature is warm, your car will heat up quickly, even with a cracked open window. 
  • Dogs should be restrained at all times, whether in their crate or by their lead. Dogs are much bigger than cats and if loose can become dangerous and a distraction whilst driving.
  • Create a space safe. Some animals won’t like to be kept in their crate for long periods, this is why you dedicate a space in the car for your pet. Adding blankets from home and some food and water will help direct your pet towards this. 

For one less thing to think about before your journey, use VetBox to ensure your pets is tick, flea and worm safe when you arrive at your destination! 

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